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Primary Publications

  • Miao Y, Yang H, Levorse, J, Yuan S, Polak L, Sribour M, Singh B, Rosenblum M, Fuchs E. Adaptive Immune Resistance Emerges from Tumor-Initiating Stem Cells. (2019) Cell 177 (5)1172-1186 [pubmed]

- Selected as “Top 10 Cancer Paper of 2019” by European Association for Cancer - Research;

- Featured in Cancer Discovery

  • Miao Y*, Bist P*, Wu J*, Li Q, Abraham SN. Collaboration between two distinct Rab small GTPase trafficking circuits to mediate bacterial clearance from the bladder epithelium. (2017) Cell Host Microbe 22(3) 330-342 [pubmed]


  • Miao Y, Wu J, Abraham SN. Ubiquitination of TRAF3 Orchestrates Expulsion of Intracellular Bacteria by Exocyst Complex. (2016) Immunity 45(1) 94-105 [pubmed]

  • Miao Y, Li G, Zhang X, Xu H, Abraham SN. A TRP channel senses lysosome neutralization by pathogens to trigger their expulsion. (2015) Cell 161(6) 1306-1319 [pubmed]

- Previewed in Cell

- Featured in Science, Science Signaling, Nature Review Urology

- Highlighted in F1000, Science Daily, Medical Daily and various news and media outlets

  • Abraham SN, Miao Y. Nature of Immune Responses during Urinary Tract Infections. (2015) Nature Review Immunology 15(10):655-63 [pubmed]

Other Publications

  • Wu J, Hayes B, Phoenix C, Macias G, Miao Y, Hughes M, Purves T, Reinhardt R, Abraham S. A highly polarized Th2 bladder immune responses to infection promotes epithelial repair and new infections. (2020) Nature Immunology 21, 671-683

  • Adam C, Yang H, Ge Y, Infarinato N, Gur-Cohen S, Miao Y, et al. NFI transcription factors provide chromatin access to maintain stem cell identity while preventing unintended lineage fate choices. (2020) Nature Cell Biology 22, 640–650

  • Ge Y, Miao Y, Cohen S, Gomez N, Yang H, Nikolova M, Polak L, Yang H, Verma A, Elemento O, Krueger J, Fuchs E. Functional stem cell aging dictated by skin tissue microenvironment. (2019) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(10), 5339-5350


  • Gur-Cohen S, Yang H, Baksh S, Miao Y, Levorse J, Kataru R, Liu X, Racelis J, Mehrara B, Fuchs E. Stem cell-driven lymphatic remodeling coordinates tissue regeneration. (2019) Science 366 (6470), 1218-1225


  • Lay K, Yuan S, Gur-Cohen S, Miao Y, Han T, Naik S, Pasolli HA, Larsen SB, Fuchs E. "Stem cells repurpose proliferation to contain a breach in their niche barrier. (2018) eLife DOI:10.7554/eLife.41661


  • Choi HW*, Bowen SE*, Miao Y, Chan CY, Miao EA, Abrink M, Moeser AJ, Abraham SN. Loss of Bladder Epithelium Induced by Cytolytic Mast Cell Granules. (2016) Immunity 45(6) 1258-1269

  • Miao Y, Abraham SN. Kidney α-intercalated cells and lipocalin 2: defending the urinary tract. (2014) J Clin Invest. 124(7): 2844-6

  • Miao Y, Abraham SN. Peeing pentraxins. (2014) Immunity 40(4): 460-2

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